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About me:

Oh hey, I'm Sharlene.

A sarcastic 26 year old who has no idea what's going on with her life.

I have a steady Buzz all of the time, so don't be surprised by my excitement.

I'm an introvert, with little human-interaction. I'm a Hunter of supernatural beings and always alone

M!A: None but accepting.

(Independent Multiverse RP blog; Will RP with any fandom. She's basically almost like a female Dean Winchester and Damon Salvatore combined but a bit happier..)

(Mun/Muse over 18)

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"Steve Rogers. Pleasure, ma’am. Though are you planning on getting something to eat?"

"Attempting," She answered with a laugh, "The chips got stuck and I’m out of dollar bills and quarters, I think I might have to give up and actually go to a Diner.

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"No I do not burn." He said as he took off his shirt revealing several tattoos along his torso. "Si I do like swimming, I’m glad you asked me join you." He said removing his jeans. 

"Ah, then no worries on time limits, that’s good." She answered as she pulled her converse and socks off, then shimmied out of her jeans, not really wanting to get her undergarnments wet she took them off as well. "That’s good, glad y’decided t’come along." She answered as she went ahead and jumped into the water, the water nice and warm as it was warmed through the hot day.

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"I’m not a pure vampire if that is your question? I was turned, by some man who I killed in return." He stated sighing softly trailing along by her gently taking a beer from her. 

"No, my question is more directed to ‘do you burn in the sunlight, or do you have a daylight ring.’ Just as long as you don’t sparkle I’m fine." Pulling a beer out for herself as they finally reached the lake. "D’you like swimming?" Having put down the case of beer and was in the middle of pulling her ac/dc tank top off.

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_ 6 bitchfaces under the hood of Impala _


"Rules have changed, sweetheart. This is my town, and I’m not-hairy version of Chuck Norris." Dean raised his eyebrows. "It ain`t longer a playground with a feathery dickheads and sons of bitches in the rat`s hole. This is a war and we do not need a suicide princess in this game." Winchester hid the gun in the trunk, gazing with silent at the dark spot, longing for his alter ego. 
But he shouldn`t …


He closed the hood with a smirk on his lips. “That`s my girl …”

"I should hope you’re not some version of Chuck Norris, that would mean there’s a ton of bad jokes about ya." The blonde stood there, looking over the other, debating the situation before there was a slight shrug. “‘Suicide princess’, darlin’, if I was a ‘princess’ I wouldn’t be here right now." Which is true, she’d have died when she was 8.

"Alright, so what’s the plan." 

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'Sure i don't see a problem in going.” He stated turning on a heel, walking next to her. “How do you feel about my kind Miss?” 

"Cool," She answered as she walked with him through the woods. "Depends, if you’re not causin’ me problems, then you’re pretty alright." She looked to him then asked, "What kind of vampire are you?" She’d met so many different kinds that this question would both help her if she needed to defend herself, or if he needed to get home before sunrise.

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lancasterinn replied to your post: “˜¼ because what’s one more semi-para right? :P”:
It could be more medieval-y. Like Sharlene pretends to be all damsel and shit and she has swords hidden in her undergarments :P

Could you imagine though, like, later she needs a weapon and she has to lift up her entire skirt to just grab them. XD

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lancasterinn asked: ☼ because what's one more semi-para right? :P

(There’s never enough with us, let’s be honest. XD)

(au I suppose)  Dragon: Our muses fall madly in love but one of our muses is a dragon hunter and the other is cursed to turn into a dragon every night. Will things work out between them?

Sharlene had no idea of Henry’s condition, but one night she’d possibly find out, she didn’t generally hunt dragons as a large part of her job, she only killed them when hired to, when they were causing problems. She hadn’t heard of any problems this past week while in the small town.

The blonde went out in the morning, to meet up with Henry, a big grin on her face, excited to see the man who she’d been spending the entire week with, who showed her new things and was easily winning her heart over.

"So what’s the plan t’day, Henry?" She asked as he was walking out of his front door, ready for the planned events that awaited them.

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+3  In The Impala

"Can I help you?"


She looked at the other curiously from under the hood of her ‘67 Mustang. “With what?”

"If by help y’mean grabbin’ me a beer, that’d be awesome."

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Send me a ☼ and I'll generate a number for a starter
  • 1 Dragon: Our muses fall madly in love but one of our muses is a dragon hunter and the other is cursed to turn into a dragon every night. Will things work out between them?
  • 2 Death: One of our muses wants the other dead (for whatever reasons) yet they pretend to be close friends in order to find out their weaknesses.
  • 3 Baby: Our muses find a baby on the doorsteps and the note says that they must take care of the child. Will they manage to take care of the baby while staying sane?
  • 4 Drunk: Muse A is drunk and muse B is trying to take muse A to their home so as to prevent any accidents happening to them. What happens when muse A starts to come off strong?
  • 5 Strangers: Muse A completely forgot who muse B is. Now it's up to muse B to try and get muse A to remember.
  • 6 Animal Instinct: Both our muses are animals living in the forest, they happen to run into each other and despite their differences in species, they create a friendship.
  • 7 Evil!: Muse A or B is evil and attempting to get the other to join them as they take over the world.
  • 8 High School: Our muses are huge enemies in high school, one being the nerdy, shy one while the other is the high and mighty, popular kid.
  • 9 By chance: Our muses wake up in Vegas, already married and no way out of the marriage.
  • 10 Titanic: Our muses are from different classes (one in the high class the other in the low class) and happen to run into one another while the low class muse is pretending to be high class.
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"Si, a lake is over in the direction I came from." He stated thumbing the direction behind him. He watched her actions as he asked why she was up so late."Si, well I do like beer." He said shrugging his shoulders slightly. 


She shrugged, “That way it is,” She answered with a grin. “Care t’join me?” Grinning as she moved to go in that direction. “Bit of swimming, bit of beer under the full moon?”

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