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About me:

Oh hey, I'm Sharlene.

A sarcastic 26 year old who has no idea what's going on with her life.

I have a steady Buzz all of the time, so don't be surprised by my excitement.

I'm an introvert, with little human-interaction. I'm a Hunter of supernatural beings and always alone

M!A: None but accepting.

(Independent Multiverse RP blog; Will RP with any fandom. She's basically almost like a female Dean Winchester and Damon Salvatore combined but a bit happier..)

(Mun/Muse over 18)

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Ooc: still alive, just drowning in tv shows

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Castiel’s Damn it

     ↳I wonder where he learned it from


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The Doctor & Sharlene | Your blue box nearly ran me over


"Yes," the Doctor told her, "But I don’t see any alternatives."  The Doctor put in the coordinates.  "Hold on tight, it’s always a bit bumpy when we go through shielding."

As he said that her hand moved to the rail just as a jolt from the TARDIS would’ve easily knocked her over, luckily for the two of them, she was conveniently graceful at that time.

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Holidays? || Shenry


"Good call, though ‘furnace’ really? I prefer to be addressed as charming mature older man, you know", Henry teased with his acquired British accent that had a tendency to slip when she was around for some reason. He kept running his thumb on her palm as they made their way to the Falls, "Lucky?… No, it’s more of a uhm- Have you ever heard of the Original Vampires? There’s nothing truly original about them, but they believe they were the first. In all reality many like them kept appearing all over the world, some even more dangerous than them", he sentenced as a cold shiver run through his spine remembering his oldest friend and enemy. Avaleen was undoubtely the worst of them all.

"There were very powerful witches here that turn them into who they were, and also once of the first packs to ever settle in the Americas… and it all happened in this very forest… Strange isn’t it?", he took a deep breath and smiled once again looking at her, "So younglings come here in hope to find said witches or a nice werewolf that would turn them, or a coven to join… you know the drill, you’ve lived it", it was his time to squeeze her hand for reassurance. 

"Water is the quintessential chanelling element my dear, don’t mock the Falls or you may learn to regret it. This place has memory- and I wouldn’t be surprised if the trees started talking someday", he half joked thinking of Lewis and Tolkien’s writings, quickly shaking his head towards her question, "Remind me never to take you to a French restaurant that serves escargot then", he smiled and continued, "No, he was only a very nice man. He had visions of God and suffered the stigmata. The benedictine order now, those were very good hunters. Benedict’s cross is used worldwide for possession still"

"Well alright then, very warm mature older man," She teased, though she couldn’t help but laugh and grin at him at that thought. She bumped into his arm just gently with a simple small hand squeeze as she grinned at him, loving the time spent with him. She listened intently to his words as he told her about the originals.

Her head tilted just slightly, watching as he talked, “Well this forest must have something special going on to draw them all to one place to branch out like that.” She giggled just lightly at her pun, which was very unintentional. Her nose crinkled slightly before looking up to him and nodding in response, “So this is kind of like, the centre of hope for the ‘supernatural’?” Squeezing his hand back in turn, pressing a soft kiss against his shoulder to reassure him in turn.

"I wouldn’t doubt it, if there’s that much energy goin’ into it all, they’ll hit me up the side of the head soon enough complaining about how I don’t respect their beautiful water resource." She smiled at Henry, though easily showing him she was lightly joking but showing seriousness with him. "Does not sound appetizing," She answered, shrugging it off easily not really liking the thought of eating snails either, showing him a face that showed how she wouldn’t like that, to let him into her thoughts. "It’s nice to hear some history on the weapons I use." Grinning, "Thank you for telling me about him."

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Reblog if you Skype as your muse


and you’re willing to RP over Skype if a partner drops you an ask :)


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silentandwaiting wandered into lesson


"Possessed by what? The stupid idea of getting totally wrecked on a weekday?"


He took her hand to help pull him to his feet. “It’s Wednesday.”

"Demon, actually." She stated simply, not really caring if the other thought she was joking.

Sharlene shook her head, “Lost two days, that’s pretty good, I got here fast.” She laughed lightly, shaking her head. “I’m Sharlene, sorry, I gather you don’t remember that introduction.”

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silentandwaiting wandered into lesson


Teddy squeezed his eyes shut. “I must’ve drunk something.” He muttered, slowly pushing himself into a sitting position. “Why else would I feel so shitty?”


He let out another rather pained groan and cracked open an eye, squinting around the room. “I don’t even remember coming in to work today.”

She reached her hand out to help him out so he wasn’t putting up too much strain. “Weird, usually people remember gettin’ possessed,” She shrugged and stood, offering him her hand to help him up.

"That would be because you haven’t been you in awhile, what day do you think it is?"

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silentandwaiting wandered into lesson


He would have replied had he not been choking on his own smoky form as he was forced from Teddy’s body.


Suddenly being in control of his body again hit Teddy like a truck and he collapse with a gasp, panting harshly and cradling his head.

"Oh God…" He groaned, wincing. "Christ, how much did I drink…?"

Sharlene watched, waiting for all of the smoke to be gone before she even thought about anything else.

The blonde knelt down brushing her hair back behind her ear as she checked on him.
"Well, fortunately for you you probably didn’t drink anythin’, just relax a moment. Would y’like some water?" Giving him a sweet smile, a quick change from her anger at the Demon and the kindness she showed toward the professor.

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the-fool-and-the-guard asked: "There is someones gorgeous smile." Shilo purred, coming from behind Sharlene in order to wrap his arms around her. "And hello gorgeous." the blond smiled as he brought his face to the side of hers. Lips meeting at the corner of her own. Arms wrapping secure around her waist.



She turned her head to look at him, laughing lightly and nuzzling him as she relaxed back into his chest, “Hey, love.” She said softly, closing her eyes and enjoying the moment. “I’ve missed you.”

"Yes…always." he cooed with a gently placed chuckle. "Till my dying breath and yes you may hold me to it." the blond answered both seriously and honestly. But everything seemed to melt, once she continued to touch him, he wanted nothing more than focus on the silk of her skin along the rough of his own. Where his heart deemed the most calm and collected. Shilo did not know how she did it, but any moment in her company and he felt every part of him that was negative, lift. He had never had that happen before. 

As the chuckle shook him for a second round, lips were returned to Sharlene’s with a need for more attention. “You make it all the better of course.” he says, practically lifting the other blonde up and wrapping her leg around his waist for secure placement. “My beautiful woman…my strong woman…my fighter.” he rattled off, “How I got lucky with you, I will never understand.” 

Sharlene couldn’t help but smile at him, at his words and love. “I plan to, my love.” Her voice soft as she watched him, those bold blue eyes softened to watch him with that affectionate gaze. Her fingers feeling the slight stubble that started growing in from his time away. Leaning forward she pressed a gentle kiss on his lips, touching her nose to his and closing her eyes a moment to memorize the moment. She relaxed entirely, something only he’d be able to do, just as he’d chased her nightmares away, though when he left those large amounts of time they crept back in with new ones with thoughts of losing him.

She met each of his kisses easily, arms slipping around his neck so her fingers could play with his short blond hair. “I’m glad,” She giggled as he lifted her easily, her legs holding around his waist with ease as she kept close to him. “Always yours, my love, always.” She watched him and smiled, “I ask myself that every day.”

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