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About me:

Oh hey, I'm Sharlene.

A sarcastic 26 year old who has no idea what's going on with her life.

I have a steady Buzz all of the time, so don't be surprised by my excitement.

I'm an introvert, with little human-interaction. I'm a Hunter of supernatural beings and always alone

M!A: None but accepting.

(Independent Multiverse RP blog; Will RP with any fandom. She's basically almost like a female Dean Winchester and Damon Salvatore combined but a bit happier..)

(Mun/Muse over 18)

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But other girls were never quite like this | Xavier & Sharlene

    Sharlene had found herself sitting on a bench in the park, not necessarily sure how to get comfortable as she was drawing, at some point she was sitting on the back of the bench with her feet on the seat. Still uncomfortable, but it gave her a good view as she sketched.
The drawing she was working on was coming along quite nicely, until at one point she looked up and saw someone watching her just a few feet away, standing by the lake. She looked at them a long moment before she added them to the picture, chewing on the inside of her cheek before hearing a voice and looking up to see the same person standing right in front of her.

"Oh, hi." Having completely missed what he said, blue eyes focusing on him.

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askprofessorx asked:

I’ve just seen a face - Jim Sturgess covering The Beatles

"But other girls were never quite like this."

starter comin’ right up~

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Open | Hey.

"Yeeeahh… I’m gonna need ya to repeat that."

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Girl Talk || Sharlene x Mags


Mags eyed her sideways as she got the rest of the dishes in the sink, “You don’t have to do that, you’re a guest here”, stressing ever so lightly those last two words, quickly pursing her lips in a smile. Be nice now, Henry likes her. Ugh.

Mags had to admit that the woman in front of her seemed good mannered and kind, two traits Henry would appreciate, and more than what could be said for others that had been at the Inn. Still, rebound. She screamed rebound from Hen and Lee’s close encounter that added up to nothing. What were the odds of Hen falling madly in love with someone new after decades, huh? Slim to none.

Still, she was an empath and prone to meddle in other people’s feelings - she hadn’t learnt to control it to the fullest yet (nor wanted to with this blonde in particular). There was a particular flick of heat when the hunter mentioned the Falls and Mags couldn’t help to visibly shake it off, as if she had caught her dad manhandling a chick, which was basically the vibe that was getting from both of them. “The Falls are nice - quite romantic. If you’re into those things. But you wouldn’t right? I mean, hunting, living in the day… quite the opposite of Henry, wouldn’t you say? When you have forever- life must be really boring”. Smooth, very smooth.

"I may be a guest," Stressing over the word to copy her, "But I’m not about t’be a dick and make y’wash all the dishes by yourself." This was general manners, she wasn’t necessarily looking to bribe the other to liking her. It took Sharlene all of two seconds to clean her own dish, and when checked it was spotless, the hunter used to the action of cleaning her guns in a rush that this was the same to her. The hunter was always on her own, so washing her dish, in her mind, was a thing she would have to do.

Sharlene gave the other a smile then went ahead to dry her hands. The blonde didn’t necessarily have family to know what Mags was going through, easily seeing the anger flickering over her expressions from where she stood off to the side. If this was having your entire family die in front of you, Sharlene could sympathize with the other… kinda, but it wasn’t, and she would just have to deal with it.

The thing with Sharlene was her emotions rarely showed unless it was for Henry or her car, due to plenty of conflicts in the past that she found it better not to feel things most of the time. “It was rather romantic,” She answered simply, “Henry is really great at makin’ things special.” It was a simple answer, “Doesn’t have t’be borin’ does it?” Turning her head, “It’s up t’you t’make yourself happy isn’t it? I may be facin’ death every day, but borin’ is good sometimes… means I’m not gonna die in 20 minutes.” She went ahead to the door. “I’ll be right back, just grabbing my bag from my car.” Easily proving how little Sharlene owned if she can fit it all in one bag. It was really ‘cause she pretty much lived in her car though, where she kept her weapons and ammo.

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Holidays? || Shenry


Henry couldn’t help the full and hopeful grin hearing her words and felt her soft kiss as she mentioned his feelings were reciprocated. Strange how life works, isn’t it? Reaching for her hand, he started to lead the way back to the car and stood silent for a while, only looking from the road back to the blond walking beside him and smiling gleefully at her. “I think that kiss was quite a giveaway of where we stand, wasn’t it?”, he finally granted softly as his senses heightened. 

He loved the forest but was more than aware of the dangers that they could encounter, hopefully none for this evening, reaching the Inn and the Matthews girls would be enough exciting for an evening. “Yes, the Inn”, he sighed and looked towards where the car was waiting for them. “I’ve owned this land for… well before you had to have papers and notaries…”, he chuckled lightly and went on, “A few- decades let’s say ago I built it from scratch. My old house used to be where the Inn stands now. It’s been through some renovations as of late, to make it more appealing to the masses or something”.

Pecking the top of her head, he smiled once more as they reached the car, “One thing though: my daughter- of sorts, she’s- she’s very protective of me. We’re very protective of each other so- don’t take it personally… if she doesn’t behave that is. You know, witches and hunters don’t really get along all that well”. 

Sharlene smiled warmly at Henry, taking his hand, her fingers lacing with his. She followed, him through the forest, completely trusting him to get them back to the car. Looking back up to him she caught the smile and couldn’t help but smile back, “I think it’s very clear where we stand, yes.” Squeezing his hand gently, rather loving being in his company.

She listened to him intently as they made their way down the incline to her mustang, her thumb gently brushing over the back of his hand absentmindedly. “D’you miss your old house?” She asked curiously, as she watched him before turning her head to make sure there was nothing following them, same paranoid hunter feelings echoing in the back of her mind, she just wanted to spend time with Henry at that moment, not be interrupted by something trying to kill her. Her head turned back to look at Henry and smile, proving she was still listening.

She leaned into his touch as he kissed the top of her head, before laughing lightly shaking her head. “Henry, I don’t expect anyone to automatically like me, especially with my hunter status. Taking things personally isn’t my area anyway.” She shrugged, “Depending on the kind of witch they are, if it’s the hex bags witches, we definitely don’t get along, if it’s the Hogwarts kind, we get along amazingly.” Tapping her nose, there were so many different types of everything, and Sharlene was already different, that it was hard not to at least get along with some things. 

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bringing this back around just in case you’ve had a bad day

my favorite thing about this post being popular is that people like you are using it to cheer other people up, that is rad, thank you for being rad

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ooc: update on me right now, Last week I was at vidcon, this week i’m sick with an ear infection which is legitimately too painful and is making it hard for me to concentrate on most things.

I miss all of you and will be replying soon

but I’m on skype so if you wanna talk to me just go right over there. (*cough* lancasterinn *cough* ;) )

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